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Competitors may enter multiple tournaments, and Tournament Organizers will do their best to accommodate you but tournaments do overlap and if you are not available at the time you’re needed there will be no refunds on tournament entry fees. It is the responsibility of the competitor to check all scheduling prior to registering and to be available when called for all tournaments. 

Equipment: South Texas Gamers’ Expo will provide games, consoles, monitors and controllers. For the League of Legends tournament please bring your own keyboard and mouse. You may also bring a laptop if preferred.

Bringing your own controller: All controllers are legal unless the controller is modded. If it is found that competitors are using an illegally modded controller without approval the offending party will be disqualified.

Headsets: Competitors are welcome to bring headphones as long as they can plug into controllers as we will not have a way to provide isolated audio from the console feed.

Competition Rules

By Participating in our tournaments you agree to abide by all rules and regulations including the following:

1. Remain courteous and be good sports whether you win or lose. Unsportsmanlike conduct including vulgar language may result in removal from the tournament an expo, without refund.

2. Be ready to play when your name is called at the tournament area for your game.

3. A “No Show” after 5 minutes of your name being called will result in a disqualification.

4. Take care of the equipment. You will be held responsible for any equipment you damage.

5. No refunds on tournament fees except in the case of a cancellation of that tournament by the Expo.

Have fun, and Good Luck!


Your registration pass will be sent to the email you provide when purchasing. Print out the attached ticket and bring it with you to the event. Staff will scan your entry ticket and you will receive your competitor badge. DO NOT share photos of your pass online or print multiples of the same ticket, each ticket can only be scanned once for entry into the event.

If you are a minor (under the age of 18) you will need to have your parent or legal guardian sign our parental consent form to compete in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tournament. Download the form and print it out here. Bring it to the expo signed by your parent or guardian in order to compete.


Don’t forget your General Admission venue pass, you will need it to enter the expo and compete. Get it here!

Please note that spaces are limited! The only way to guarantee your spot is to pre-register. If a tournament’s cap fills up before the event there will be no on-site registration for that tournament. On-site registration will be CASH ONLY.